Frequently Asked Questions

Why can not I find the standard sizes?

Simple, we DO NOT manufacture or sell series-built frames.

When we make a Z'niper tailored to you, you do not buy any bike, but YOUR BIKE.

You are about to invest in a new racing bike, that of your dreams, and you will have it.

After how long will I have the bespoke bike?

After completing the order you will be contacted to make all the necessary measurements and, in just 90 days, you will have YOUR racing bike with the carbon frame tailored for you.

How can I give you my measurements?

Simple, we will guide you personally in the measurement, following you step by step, certain that these "small" differences also make you perceive the maniacal care we employ in every single manufacturing process.

If you want to practice, read the measurement guide.

Can I buy only the frame?

Usually, to ensure maximum safety of the racing bike, we prefer to sell the correctly assembled bike to the "amateur cycle" and only after having performed all the control tests.

Are you a PRO? Do you have your technician who can take care of it?


How much do the z'niper bike frames weigh?

Our frames, before assembling the various components. they weigh between 800 and 900 ranges depending on the size.

What guarantees do the z'niper frames have?

All Z'NIPER frames are guaranteed for 2 (two) years for all manufacturing defects, while the components mounted on our frames (gearbox, accessories, wheels, etc.), where present, are declared free of defects in materials and in processing by the same manufacturers, they are guaranteed for 3 years if used properly and under normal conditions. For more info read here.

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